Become an ACT Certified Educator

ACT Certified Educators is an innovative credentialing program that recognizes individuals who meet certification requirements designed to enable them to help students prepare to take the ACT test. Modules include the ACT Basics course as well as any or all of the specialized ACT test subject areas: English, math, science, reading, and writing.

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ACT Certified Educators Overview

ACT Certified Educator Process

Application & Eligibility

Becoming an ACT Certified Educator is a simple, three-step process. First, candidates submit an application that is subject to ACT review. Next, candidates participate in an on-site training program. Finally, candidates are required to successfully complete a post-training assessment related to the specific training program.

Certification Course

Certification requires candidates to attend training courses. The ACT Basics and ACT Writing courses are one day in length, and the other ACT subject-specific courses include two days of training.

ACT Basics

This course includes activities to enhance educators’ knowledge of fundamental aspects of the ACT test and the resources available to students. Training activities promote the development and use of learner-centered skills and the standards of professionalism required of ACT Certified Educators.

Subject-Specific Programs

These courses include instruction and training activities to enhance educators’ ability to tutor students preparing for ACT subject area tests and related pedagogy. Attendees will practice individualized tutoring methods tailored to meet individual student needs. Key insights into the most effective strategies to prepare students for test success will be presented and practiced during the training.


Candidates must pass an assessment administered after the completion of training activities.

ACT Certified Educator Directory

All those who have fulfilled the certification requirements will receive a digital credential as ACT Certified Educators. In addition, eligible educators will be listed on the ACT Certified Educator Directory, which will be available for students, parents, and counselors to view on ACT’s website (coming soon to

ACT Certified Educator Courses

  • ACT Certified Basics Educator – 9 hours
  • ACT Certified English Educator – 18 hours*
  • ACT Certified Science Educator – 18 hours*
  • ACT Certified Math Educator – 18 hours*
  • ACT Certified Reading Educator – 18 hours*
  • ACT Certified Writing Educator – 9 hours*

*To be eligible for certification, tutors are required to pass a qualification assessment in the corresponding subject area (administered at the conclusion of the course). Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct (PDF)