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How Students Can Make the Most of End-of-Term Break

End-of-term break gives you a well-earned respite from the classroom. But getting a break from school doesn’t mean you can’t use the time wisely. It can give you time to put things in order before taking the leap to university, get advice and help from family and friends, and even keep your brain active before returning to school. Challenge yourself to tackle the following tasks during break: Complete university applications (Grade 12). You can finalize your university choices and complete applications in time for regular submission deadlines, most of which are in January and February. Dig into that college essay (Grade 12). It’s an important part of the college application process and requires a lot of thought and planning, so why not spend time away from the classroom to write a draft or...

Report: Does Test Anxiety Bias ACT Scores?

Test anxiety raises concerns about assessment validity and fairness. Keeping Your Cool: Does Test Anxiety Bias Performance on the ACT?, a new study from ACT, investigated possible measurement bias due to anxiety on the ACT test. The study revealed several insights about test anxiety: Many examinees reported test anxiety, but anxiety did not have significant negative effects on ACT scores—in general, for males and females, and for ethnic groups. Test anxiety was most strongly related to feeling unprepared for the ACT. Test takers should minimize anxiety by following practical recommendations supported by this study, even if is not expected to affect ACT scores. Read the report at this link. Click here to learn more about how students can reduce test anxiety.